Unix badge down.

Gosh I wrote this a long time ago and forgot to publish it. Like from January 2020 🤦‍♂️ well here goes.

Completed @Pentesterlab Unix badge today. It’s 35 exercises which cover topics relating to Unix. Very enjoyable experience.

The only thing I will say whilst it does give practical uses and walkthrough examples of the exercises you will need to get more hands on experience.

  • Unix terminal
  • vi editor
  • Traversal of Unix files and folders from command line when a / is needed and when it is not.
  • Perl, Python, Ruby
  • Mysql, postgresql

The Pentesterlab really gives a good experience. Showing usually a couple of ways to get the required information. One being an easier method than the other method shown. I have it setup on an Ubuntu desktop machine, with Chromium and Firefox browsers. Which works very well especially when you need to use an app like John the Ripper.