2020 training early thoughts

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to attend a CEH bootcamp. I’d already some exposure to hacking and such like in the preparation of demos for customers and conferences.

I didn’t bother to sit the exam at the end of the bootcamp as I felt I’d be a ‘paper’ CEH and I’ve never wanted to be a ‘paper’ anything. I took away the exam voucher with the intention of getting some more practical experience and exposure. Never got round to it, work and other things got in the way.

Last week I signed up for Pentesterlabs https://www.pentesterlab.com

So far I’ve managed to do the introduction badge and just over half way through the Pentesterlab Unix badge. It’s a pretty good course starts off at a reasonable level and increases in difficulty. Couple of things I need to remember is around traversing folders in Unix I seem to either add / or forget /. Hoping to get the Unix badge completed before the end of January, and then progress onto other badges which are available.

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